Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Results - That’s the most unbelievable excuse I’ve ever heard!

Thanks to all those participants who sent in examples of unbelievable excuses staff members had given them when looking to take time off work or explain their absence. We've cast our net wider this time and have examples from Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

Obviously the majority of people have totally genuine reasons for needing time away from work, however I'll let you decide how you feel about the examples of excuses we received.

As usual I've had great fun reading all of the entries and I've published my top 5 here:

5. My mom forgot to wake me up and I knew I'd be late so I didn't come in!

4. My doctor's office is only open between 12 & 1 so I'll need the whole day off to go for my appointment!

3. My dog ate my bus ticket and I didn't have any money for my fare, so couldn't come to work!

2. I didn't have a clean shirt so couldn't come to work!

And my personal favourite ...

1. I went swimming yesterday evening and got water in my ears l so I can't come in today!

So there it is the most unbelievable excuses for taking time off work, if you have one to share please send it in.

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