Sunday, 17 August 2014

Do you EXCITE your team?

After three decades as a Champion of a Great Leadership, working with organizations across the private, public and not for profit sectors, there are two aspects of organizational life that I know for certain. Firstly, that all organizations regardless of size or sector need great leadership displayed at all levels to be successful and secondly, that everyone has the potential to display great leadership given the right context, support, development and motivation. 

Back to the question, whether you are the manager in a corporation or the owner of a small business, do you EXCITE your team? At Bluegem Learning I created the EXCITE model, following over 25 years of working with leaders of all levels, that focuses on the six key questions I believe enable an individual to demonstrate great leadership. 

ENABLE - how do you help your team to develop and give of their very best? 

CHALLENGE - are you prepared to have the difficult conversations with your team when necessary? 

INSPIRE - how do you spark your team's interest and imagination in their endeavours? 

TRUST - does this flow both ways, you to your team and them to you and each other? 

ENGAGE - how do you involve your team in the mission you share that motivates them to succeed? 

No my spelling isn't off, there's one further key question to consider; 

X-FACTOR - what piece of yourself do you give to your team that is unique, your special quality that makes the difference? 

So there you have it, six questions to set you on the way to demonstrating great leadership in your organization. If you have any questions or would like to discuss ideas on how to EXCITE your team then please get in touch. 

Remember we want to develop leaders in our workplace and community not bad bosses. 

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