Monday, 16 June 2014

Overcoming Unconscious Bias

If you asked the average person were they biased or did they discriminate against others, most people's first answer would be a resounding "NO". However, if we explored this further and looked at whether they were unconsciously biased in their behaviour and as a result unconsciously discriminated against others the response may not be as certain or clear cut.

Neal R Goodman in his article "10 steps to overcoming unconscious bias" provides an interesting synopsis of the subject before going on to suggest ways to overcome this issue.

As Neal says "We all harbor prejudices whether we think we do or not, and everyone is subject to their own unconscious bias. Many of these prejudices that are deeply held in our unconscious can unintentionally influence how we act toward one another in our organizations."

If we don't already perhaps it's time for us to reflect on our own prejudices and how they impact on our work in our organization and wider community.

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