Monday, 7 July 2014

12 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves

"12 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves" is the title of a blog post by Linette Lopez, and focuses on an interview with Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson, Commanding General of Fort Bragg and the XVIII Airborne Division.

In the interview Lieutenant General Anderson sheds light on 12 of the values and traits he looks for when evaluating potential leaders, a few of my favourites include:

·         Are they focused on doing the right thing for the right reason and moving the organization along in the right direction?

·         It’s all about people, so how well do you communicate?

·         How do you treat people?

·         Do you live our values every day?

·         And do you have the character and the discipline to do the right thing when nobody’s looking?

To read the article and watch the interview in full check out

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