Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Managing the Unmanageable part 3

In part 3 of this article I've set out below are some useful phrases you can use when dealing having challenging conversations at work.

To show that you are listening

  •  I appreciate your input
  •  I understand what you mean 
  •  I was not aware that you saw the situation that way
  • Thanks for letting me have your views on this matter

Validate the employees concerns

  • Much of what you say has validity, so let’s clarify some of the points 
  •  I agree with many of the points you raise. Let’s discuss ways to address them

Avoid saying

  • You’re wrong
  • That is ridiculous
  •  I think you have it good
  • Then try working somewhere else

Maintain control

  •  Instead of arguing the point, let’s look at steps to move forward
  • So what do you think the solution is 
  •  At this point, you need to be clear about a solution, not only the problem

Forward looking phrases

  • Every situation has downsides, I agree. Now tell me what you think we can do about it
  • Let’s look at the goals we can reach at this point
  • We’ll address each of those issues when they come up

Give the employee the power

  • Why don’t you think up 3 or 4 ideas, e-mail them to me and we can talk again next week
  •  If you want to discuss this further, think up some ways to address the problem and let me have them

This is just a selection of useful phrases, if you can think of others send me your ideas.

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