Friday, 18 September 2015

Men paid 29% more than women?

In my earlier post "Women work for free ...", I highlighted the recent Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) 2015 National Management Salary Survey that revealed that women earn 22% less than men, meaning that they’re unpaid for 1h 40m a day.

I've had a few people ask me for further details i.e. was this the same in every industry and if not how much of a differential was there. I've delved a little deeper into the report and here is a breakdown by key industries.

29%   Accountancy - average male salary £47,034, average female salary £36,432

22%   Banking - average male salary £25,377average female salary £20,800

21%   Energy - average male salary £27,452average female salary £22,674

19%   Purchasing - average male salary £29,555average female salary £24,796

18%   Sales - average male salary £23,562average female salary £19,898

18%   Education - average male salary £21,216average female salary £17,922

18%   Hospitality - average male salary £18,497average female salary £15,665

13%   Retail - average male salary £16,851average female salary £14,951

Source: Reed

One of the difficulties the report highlighted in conducting pay audits was the ability to compare 'equal value work', especially in the private sector. Using job roles as a basis wasn't enough and full job evaluation would be required first.

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