Wednesday, 9 September 2015

10 Ways to Celebrate Learning @ Work

September is Learning @ Work Month here in Canada.
Learning @ Work Month offers an opportunity to reinforce your commitment to employee development by promoting learning activities that can range from non-work related and interest-led activities through award ceremonies to business focused sessions.
 I have experienced some great sessions as part of Learning @ Work, however one of the biggest challenges organizations can face is thinking of ideas that are affordable and relatively easy to organize. With this in mind I’ve listed below some great ideas that I’ve used myself and won’t break the bank. Feel free to adapt these ideas to your own organization.
  1. Educate another department about your work area
  2. Run a short session on a particular topic e.g. how to cope with disruptive customers
  3. Ask the CEO to talk about their experiences as a leader
  4. Shadow a colleague from a different department
  1. Create a short competition to engage staff, e.g. a quiz
  2. Learn a new skill, either work or non-work related e.g watercolour painting
  3. Run a teambuilding exercise
  4. Hold a lunch event to celebrate a notable success in your organization
  5. Show a selected TED talk and have a discussion about the talk
  6. Invite an external speaker to give a talk to your team
 Whatever you choose to do, get together with your work colleagues and help each other out, this way it will also be more fun and social!
If you are looking for a speaker for your Learning @ Work event, check out my Fall Lunch & Learn Leadership series 

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