Friday, 17 October 2014

Create a Vision and Share it

At a recent presentation to the Chamber of Commerce I talked about the need for leaders in all businesses to have a clear vision and be able to articulate it clearly to others. In an ideal world a leader may include their team in establishing the vision, but this isn’t essential, however, inspiring and engaging people with the vision is.

A vision allows your employees and your customers to know what you aspire to be, it integrates your values, keeps you moving forward and inspires you and everyone in your business. The vision conveys a larger sense of purpose so that employees see themselves building a product or providing a service that makes a real difference. A vision that inspires and engages your team can be immensely powerful.

Here’s an example of one well known company:

“Create experiences that combine the magic of software with the power of Internet services across a world of devices.”

If you didn’t recognize it this is Microsoft’s vision.

So when drafting your own vision there are several questions to get your creative juices flowing before you start:

• Why did I start this business?

• Should I leave this company, what do I want to leave behind?

• What do I really provide for my customers beyond products and services?

• If my business could be everything I dreamed, how would it be?

Remember to think big, capture your passion – people are inspired by your dreams!

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