Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Crash Course in Managing your Boss

At a recent workshop I was running for new Leaders a participant commented that their biggest challenge wasn't leading their team or the technical complexities of the job, but managing their own boss. So we quickly brainstormed some ideas on how to do this in a constructive way, here are our six top tips.

  1. Work at it - some people adopt an a passive reactive stance to their boss. If you're not happy with the relationship take the lead and "manage upwards."
  2. Meet expectations - establish whether your boss is hands off or hands on in relation to progress reports and then provide them with the information that matches their approach.
  3. Be constructive - don't simply dump problems on your boss's desk, if you can't offer the solution immediately at least frame some options.
  4. Respect their time - they will have lots of other responsibilities and calls on their time, use it wisely and don't be an energy sucker.
  5. Feel their pain - understand what matters to them, the pressures they are under and then think of ways to help them achieve their goals.
  6. Understand yourself - be honest about yourself, what type of relationship are you looking for from your boss, at the extremes are you overdependent of do you kick against authority.

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