Friday, 25 April 2014

Alberta’s Worst Boss 2014

Some great entries to this year’s competition, here are a selection of the best stories:

The boss that told a female employee whilst eating his lunch that he likes working with women because they are hard workers. Pausing to take a large bite of his sandwich he blurted out, "Because women have more to prove".

The boss who when asked by a direct report why his performance marking had been downgraded from very good to poor after 2 months, replied "I don't have to explain myself to you I'm your boss".

The boss who told his team he had some good news and some bad news, the good news was he had got a new job, the bad news was that they were being laid off.

The boss who appointed a manager to a new position, relocating them and their family from Cranbrook to Calgary and then fired them within a week of taking up the post.

The boss who was supposed to the Supervisor of a transport maintenance garage but was discovered by his Area Manager to be also working in a nearby Fast Food diner having already clocked in for work at the garage. This came to light when co-workers complained to the Area Manager that the Supervisor was only ever on site at the beginning and end of shifts. The Area Manager visited the garage to meet with the Supervisor couldn’t find him so went to get a coffee and wait, you’ve guessed it, who served him at the diner? The missing Supervisor!

The boss whose idea of motivating female employees was to pat them on the bottom when passing them in the office. When challenged on this his response was “It’s only my way of motivating them”.

The boss who berated his team for not finishing the recoating of the inside of a furnace and took it upon himself to finish the job. He entered the furnace, shut the door and began the recoating – only to find that he had recoated the door and now couldn’t get out.

The boss who was caught on site putting garbage bags filled with empty beer cans in the back of his truck. When challenged about his reported drinking at work claimed he’d been set up and they weren’t his.

The boss who went home early on the day his team were due to be told they were being laid off leaving his co-worker to break the bad news.

Chart courtesy of the Office Team

The names of the bosses and the story tellers have been omitted to maintain confidentiality, winners of the competition have been notified separately.

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