Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I Love Google!

Jane shares her thoughts about why she loves Google ...

"First let me assure you that where Google is concerned I am not an affiliate of Google or a shareholder so I have no reason, other than what I have seen and read, to state, “ I love Google”. 

If you have not heard of Google then you must have been living in a cave for the last 15 years.  It is so well known that often people will use the noun like a verb e.g. “I must google that”, when they are talking about researching a topic or looking for information.  I have also heard it bandied about that Google have a very creative workforce, however, I have only recently been made aware that Google have been voted the ‘the best company to work for’, in 2014 by Fortune.  When reading this in an article regarding change I decided to see, for myself, what made Google so great, so I literally ‘googled’ Google.

Google refer to the people who work for them as Googlers and it seems as if Googlers are involved in every aspect of the business, including the hiring of new Googlers.  At Google they believe that if they have hired great people then those people in turn will hire great people.

Googlers are encouraged and supported to teach and train other Googlers in the G2G programme. However, this development is not just about technology, a Googler can develop others in anything that they find interesting.

 Google have developed a ‘whole self’ policy that encourages people to bring their complete life to the Organisation and be supported in this.  How many organisations do you know would allow one staff member to invite their building into the cafĂ© so that he can stage an elaborate marriage proposal for his future husband?  Not only did they allow this, it was taped and put on YouTube.

Google have embraced diversity in such a way that they have joined campaigns that are important to their Googlers and set up resources to support and encourage minorities within and outwith their Organisation.  Women’s groups, academic scholarships for women and supporting minority led businesses are just a few of the ways that Google respect and embrace equality and diversity.

So I say it again ‘I love Google’. The founders looked to develop a unique Organisation that was a place where creativity could thrive and in doing this they have brought ‘Love’ back to the workplace.  I can only imagine what it must be like to work in a large organisation that really cares about it people and does more than provide a little lip service to it.  

I think that managers and organisations alike can all learn a little from Google, in the fact that they trust their people, they develop them and they encourage them to think outside the box.  Google do not nanny their Googlers but empower them to take charge of their careers and strive for excellence whilst being supported in their endeavours.

Well done Google … long may it continue!"

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