Monday, 3 March 2014

Authentic Vs. Autocratic Leadership

Our colleagues at Equine Connection shared these interesting thoughts on the concept of Authentic Vs. Autocratic Leadership.

Authentic Vs. Autocratic


The old ways of having one leader with all of the decision making power is going the way of the Dodo.  Being an authentic leader allows for employees to take ownership of their job and care about the outcome of their decisions.  So are you an Authentic Leader?  Here are some things to consider*;

1. Authentic leaders are self-aware and genuine. Authentic leaders are self-actualized individuals who are aware of their strengths, their limitations, and their emotions. They also show their real selves to their followers. They do not act one way in private and another in public; they don’t hide their mistakes or weaknesses out of fear of looking weak. They also realize that being self-actualized is an endless journey, never complete.
2. Authentic leaders are mission driven and focused on results. They are able to put the mission and the goals of the organization ahead of their own self-interest. They do the job in pursuit of results, not for their own power, money or ego.
3. Authentic leaders lead with their heart, not just their minds. They are not afraid to show their emotions, their vulnerability and to connect with their employees. This does not mean authentic leaders are “soft.” In fact communicating in a direct manner is critical to successful outcomes, but it’s done with empathy; directness without empathy is cruel.
4. Authentic leaders focus on the long-term.  Realize that to nurture individuals and to nurture a company requires hard work and patience, but the approach pays large dividends over time.
*Kevin Kruse, What is Authentic Leadership, Forbes Magazine

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