Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Impact of Equality & Diversity on Business Results

JC Penny recently worked with Rutgers University and the University of Houston to look at the impact on their stores retail sales in relation to the diversity climate experienced by managers and staff. The researchers found that mean sales growth increased 10.23 percent at retail stores where both subordinates and managers believed that there was a strong pro-diversity climate, compared with just 3.25 percent growth at stores where subordinates and managers both held a negative opinion of the diversity climate. This illustrated the real impact on the bottom line that a proactive approach to Equality & Diversity can have. The researchers suggested that if the diversity climate could be improved at the 130 lowest performing JC Penny stores it could translate to a $44.6 million increase in sales.  To discuss how you can develop a positive diversity climate in your organisation call 08444 827280.

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